Concrete and construction – an engine for growth

Construction drives economic growth, innovation & jobs. It is the largest single economic activity and the greatest industrial employer in Europe with some 20 million jobs. In 2012 the cement and concrete industry directly generated €20bn in value added and 384,000 jobs across the EU-28. In the EU-28 for each €1 of value added generated in the cement and concrete industry, €2.8 is generated in the overall economy.  There are approximately 4,000 people directly employed in the Irish concrete industry.


Aggregates and concrete is a local business, employing local people. Money and investment in aggregates, concrete and the concrete industry is pumped back into the local economy.

In addition, the three key components that go into making concrete – aggregates, cement, and water – are also sourced locally. In Ireland ready-mixed concrete is transported on average 35 km from the production site. Therefore the sector is vitally important for the strengthening of local economies and delivering a stable, continuous source of jobs and economic activity – local Irish products for the local Irish market.