ICF Council

The Irish Concrete Federation (ICF) is governed by a Council of 9 members who are drawn from leading companies within the industry. The Council is chaired by the ICF President and meets approximately six times yearly. The Council oversees the corporate governance of the organisation and directs and reviews the work of the organisation’s policy committees.

ICF Policy Committees

There are currently six policy committees within the Federation’s structure.  These are the Planning & Environment Committee, Transport Committee, Business Development Committee, Technical Committee, Health and Safety Committee and the Concrete Development Group (Marketing Committee). Each of these committees are made up of representatives from ICF member companies and meet approximately four times per year. The policy committees develop ICF positions and produce guidance and advice for members in each of the specialised areas.

Irish Precast Concrete Association

The Irish Precast Concrete Association (IPCA) is a representative organisation for the precast concrete industry and is made up of twelve precast concrete companies within the Irish Concrete Federation. The IPCA is governed by a Council, on which all members are represented. The Council meets approximately three times yearly to review developments which impact specifically on the precast concrete sector.  There are two representatives of the IPCA Council on the ICF Council.

Independent Concrete Manufacturers Association

The Independent Concrete Manufacturers Association (ICMA) is a representative organisation for family owned businesses in the concrete manufacturing industry . The ICMA is a constituent association of the Irish Concrete Federation and is governed by an executive committee which meets approximately twice yearly. There are five representatives of the ICMA Executive Committee on the ICF Council.

Ground Limestone Producers Association of Ireland

The Ground Limestone Producers Association of Ireland (GLPAI) is the representative body for producers of agricultural lime. The association is governed by a Committee which meets approximately three times per year. The GLPAI owns the trademark Grolime which the association uses to promote the benefits of agricultural lime in enhancing soil fertility.