Business Environment

The vibrancy of ICF members is dependent on activity in other sectors of the economy and is influenced by factors such as the level of house building, government spending on infrastructure, Foreign Direct Investment, retail and commercial investment and investment on farms.

ICF regularly advises policy makers and other stakeholder organisations on the business climate for our members. The Federation also makes submissions to government departments and state bodies on these issues to inform decision making related to the sector.

Periodically ICF produces publications on the industry in order to highlight the strategic importance of the sector and the actions and policies required to ensure that the sector makes its full contribution to Irish society. In 2015 an analysis of the aggregate and concrete products sector was published by InterTrade Ireland in association with the ICF and the Mineral Products Association (Northern Ireland). The report is entitled “Competitive Analysis of the Construction Materials Sector on the Island of Ireland” and is available on this page.

ICF regularly updates members on general economic developments and sectoral trends in construction at member seminars and regional briefings.


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Competitive Analysis of the Construction Materials Sector on the Island of Ireland