Ready-Mixed Concrete

I.S. EN 206 :2013 -Concrete Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity, is the current Irish standard for the specification and production of ready-mixed concrete and should be used in conjunction with the Irish National Annex I.S. EN 206:2013/NA:2015. Copies of the standard are available for purchase from the N.S.A.I.

I.S. EN 206-1 places significant responsibility upon manufacturers of ready-mix concrete to demonstrate conformity to a series of specified requirements. Certified manufacturers will be issued with a formal Certificate of Conformity by an independent certification body. I.S. EN 206-1 demands clarity on elements essential to quality, durability and consistency such as consistency of mix and grade or compressive strength class as it is defined in the Standard. The Standard also explicitly addresses the following design elements:

  • Gathering information relating to structural and fire design;

  • Determining the intended working life;

  • Identifying relevant exposure classes;

  • Identifying other requirements for the concrete (e.g. aesthetic considerations; minimising cracking; coping with temperature extremes, etc.).

Certification process

While I.S. EN 206 is not a harmonised product standard (hEN) and therefore does not have to be CE marked, ICF members are actively involved in a national certification scheme involving annual auditing by an independent certification body of their concrete manufacturing locations. This involves an inspection and assessment of the factory production control system and the issuing of a Certificate of Conformity to I.S. EN 206-1:2002 and Irish National Annex. This Certificate of Conformity is readily available from the certified concrete manufacturer.

ICF has produced technical guidance on placing concrete in hot and cold weather which are available below.


ICF Guidelines for Cold Weather


ICF Guidelines for Hot Weather