Deirdre Sinnott (HSA), Kathleen Callanan (RSA), Superintendent Con O’Donohue (An Garda Siochána), Moyagh Murdoch (RSA). David Wright, Brian Carroll (Protach) and Gerry Farrell at the ICF Driving for Work Seminar.

While delivery distances for ready mixed concrete and aggregate products are typically short, ICF members operate substantial transport fleets to deliver products to customers. As a result the transport function within ICF member companies represent a very significant activity in their own right. This requires members to be fully updated on their responsibilities as hauliers of heavy products. Equally the industry, as experienced and regular users of the road network can play an important part in achieving greater road safety on Ireland’s roads.

ICF regularly engages with the state’s transport regulatory and enforcement agencies. The Federation regularly meets and makes submissions to agencies such as the Road Safety Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to inform decision making and legislation related to the sector. Through our European representative body, ERMCO, ICF has made representation to the European institutions on transport legislation.

With the support of other agencies and An Garda Siochána, ICF organises transport seminars for members, the purpose of which is to highlight road safety issues and regulatory requirements. In addition ICF produces publications and guidance on road safety, regulatory requirements and transport cost issues.

ICF Transport Policy is formulated by out transport committee and is overseen by the ICF Council.

Drivers Handbook

The Irish Concrete Federation’s Drivers Handbook has been produced by the Federation’s Transport Committee and is targeted at the industry’s drivers in order to assist them to perform their functions to the very highest standards. Versions of the publication are also available in Polish and Russian.

Code of Practice for Transport Operations

Code of Practice for Transport Operations designed to educate all concrete industry transport operators, owners and drivers on legal obligations how to comply with traffic legislation.