Product Certification

Government bodies and stakeholders groups are highly involved in the development of updated product standards. Compliance with these standards now has a regulatory footing in that, since July 2013, CE marking is legally required for all products produced to a harmonised European standard. Compliance with relevant product standards is now required for compliance with national building regulations.  In addition, there is now a greater demand for traceability in the construction supply chain from certifiers, customers, clients and end-users. There are also additional Government certification requirements for the supply of ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and concrete blocks to farm buildings.

These developments have led to a substantial increase in the number of ‘certified’ aggregate and concrete producers in Ireland and have also provided impetus to a higher level of product certification in the industry. ICF believes that only suppliers that meet the necessary certification requirements should be entitled to supply the marketplace. In 2015, Minister of State at the Department of the Environment with Special Responsibility for Housing, Planning and Coordination of the Construction 2020 Strategy, Paudie Coffey TD launched a new ICF ‘Product Traceability Certificate’ to certify the origin and compliance with product standards of aggregate and concrete materials supplied to individual construction projects in Ireland.

The principal product certification available from aggregate and concrete manufacturers are available to download below.

aggregates and concrete – product certification

Guidance Note on Ancillary Certification for Precast Concrete