Irish Precast Concrete Association (IPCA)

The Irish Precast Concrete Association (IPCA) is an association of 12 member companies who together represent the producers of the majority of Ireland’s industrial, commercial and civil engineering concrete precast and precast concrete output. Founded in 1991, the association is a constituent association of the Irish Concrete Federation. The role of the IPCA is to represent the precast concrete industry, to develop industry standards in relation to training, health & safety and transport and to liaise with the relevant Government bodies in relation to new legislation and all industry issues.

The members of the IPCA are as follows:

Company Website
Banagher Precast Concrete
Concast Building
Doyle Concrete
Ducon Concrete
Flood Precast 
Killeshal Precast 
Kilsaran Precast
Moylough Concrete 
O’Reilly Concrete
Mannock Build
Wright Quarry Products

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