ICF in Europe

(L to R) Caroline Quinn – ICF President, Derek Duffy – Chairman IPCA, Idar Heskestad – UEPG, Alessio Rimoldi – UEPG, Magdalena Herbik – UEPG, Ulrich Lotz – UEPG, November 2019.

As policies, legislation and standards relevant to our industry continue to emanate from the EU institutions, it is imperative that the Irish aggregates and concrete products industry has an influential voice within these institutions. ICF is a member of three European associations, each of whom represent different sub-sectors within the European aggregate and concrete products industry. In addition to the obvious advocacy benefits of being heard at European level, membership of these organisations allows the industry in Ireland to learn from developments in other countries.

In addition, ICF actively supports the Concrete Initiative which is a European project to increase understanding of the significant role of concrete in all three pillars of sustainable construction.

UEPG stands for “Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats” (European Aggregates Association, Europäischer Gesteinsverband). Since 1987, UEPG has strongly promoted the interests of the European aggregates industry by representing its Members on economic, technical, health & safety and environmental policy. UEPG pro-actively identifies EU initiatives and policies that are likely to impact on European aggregates producers.   www.uepg.eu

ERMCO (the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organsiation) was established in 1967 when it was agreed that a special bureau should be set up for the exchange of information of interest to the ready-mixed concrete organisations in Europe.  One of the main objectives of ERMCO has been the delivery of a high standard of quality and service in the supply of ready-mixed concrete throughout Europe.  www.ermco.eu

BIBM (“Bureau International du Béton Manufacturé”) is the European Federation of the Precast Concrete Industry. The association was founded in 1954 following the first International Congress of the Precast Concrete Industry. BIBM represents and defends the interests of the precast concrete industry at the European level.   www.bibm.eu

The Concrete Initiative engages with stakeholders on the issue of sustainable construction, and in particular the barriers and solutions to harness its multiple benefits. The project is led by CEMBUREAU (the European Cement Association), BIBM (the European Federation of Precast Concrete), ERMCO (the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization) and UEPG (the European Aggregates Association). It examines the economic, social and environmental implications of sustainable construction and the need for a balanced approach among these three pillars. It shows how the construction industry, including concrete, can help find solutions to Europe’s challenges.   www.theconcreteinitiative.eu