Innovation & Aesthetics

Helical Staircase. Engineer: Martin Peters Associates, Consulting Engineers. Architect: Reddy Architecture. Contractor: Brian Formwork.

Concrete is an enabler of modern construction. It is widely available and affordable without compromising on quality and strength. It offers versatility and stunning aesthetic qualities. As concrete can be poured on-site to any required shape, it allows architects and engineers to express complex, dynamic and attractive forms. Innovation over the past 30 years in high-strength concrete gives designers even more flexibility than ever before. In addition, the strength, colour and finish can also be specified.

Concrete has limitless potential for innovation and new ways to enhance the performance of the material, which can make a big difference to our everyday lives. Innovations include pervious concrete, which replicates the natural infiltration of water into soil thereby reducing flooding and the negative impacts of soil sealing. Meanwhile photocatalytic concretes can remove pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide from the air – they are “smog-eating” and self-cleaning!

Our Gallery page on this website show cases the many different applications and uses of concrete in ways you might have never considered!