Precast Concrete

DLR Lexicon Library. Client: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. Photographer: Donal Lynch. Engineer: HorganLynch Consult.

A precast concrete product is a factory-made element manufactured with concrete and which, together with other elements, will become part of a larger structure. Precast concrete elements are prepared, cast and hardened at specially equipped manufacturing locations. In addition to possessing all of the in-built benefits of being a concrete product, precast concrete has the following additional benefits:

  • Precast concrete elements have the in-built intrinsic quality of an industrial product, manufactured in a controlled environment and with accurate methods;

  • Manufacturing processes have advanced quality control. Dimensional accuracy, the properties of the hardened concrete and the position of reinforcement can all be checked before inclusion of an element in the final building or project;

  • Factory-made products are manufactured irrespective of weather conditions and are produced in parallel with construction work on site.

In Ireland we have a large number of highly successful modern precast concrete manufacturers who supply high quality products and solutions to domestic and UK construction sector. Contact details for some of the principal precast concrete companies operating in Ireland are available on the Irish Precast Concrete Association page of this website.

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