On Tuesday 4th February, ICF in association with the Irish Concrete Society, hosted the launch of a new website www.specifyingconcrete.ie at an event held in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

At the launch, ICF President Caroline Quinn acted as event host while Chairman of the Irish Concrete Society, Mr Eamon Booth, highlighted the importance of effective communication between designers, contractors and suppliers in the specification of concrete. Richard Bradley of Cement Manufacturers Ireland, who chaired the working group that developed the website presented guests with an overview of the website.

The website has been developed to assist all professionals involved in concrete construction with responsibility to ensure the quality of the finished structure. The website provides background and references to regulations, standards and guidance documents. In addition, it provides information on many key properties of concrete from the viewpoint of designer, builder and producer for consideration at specification and planning stage rather than later in the project.

The website was developed by a working group comprising representation from the cement and concrete industries and the Irish Concrete Society and ICF is grateful to all involved.

For more visit www.specifyingconcrete.ie