ICF members Banagher Precast, O’Connell Quarries, Roadstone and Techrete were all winners at the recent Irish Concrete Society Awards for excellence in concrete design and construction which took place on April 27th.

A total of 26 projects were nominated in the three categories of Infrastructure, Element and Building. There were also seven projects nominated for the 11th International Award, which is sponsored by Enterprise Ireland. In addition, the winner of the annual Sean de Courcy Student Award was announced from eight entries.

 Infrastructure Category and Overall Winner: S02C Archbridge – N22 Baile Bhuirne to Macroom Bypass

Jury Quote:

‘What sets this bridge apart from other bridges in the scheme is the ease in which it sits in the landscape, with the Arch springing out of the supporting rock abutments. The visual impact of the concrete surfaces of pre-cast concrete and in-situ concrete provide a seamless aesthetic providing interest for the traveller going between the rival counties of Cork and Kerry. The final design comprises a bridge span of 64m which uses the structural efficiency and elegance of a reinforced concrete arch to provide a robust design that will surely last longer than the 120 year design life of the structure. This project demonstrates what can be achieved by close collaboration between the Designers and Contractors and is a worthy winner.’

 Project Client: Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Major Suppliers: Banagher Precast Concrete / Roadstone

Project Designer: Barry Transportation

Project Engineers: Barry Transportation / Martin Heffernan Consulting / Mott McDonald

Project Contractor: Jons Civil Engineering – John Cradock JV

Building Category Winner: International Rugby Experience

Jury Quote:

‘The new International Rugby Experience provides Limerick with a new tourism and public facility to be proud of. This landmark project has been carefully designed to harmonise with the surrounding Georgian brick context but also to stand above it, providing dramatic panoramic views over the city.

The façade is clad in a variety of precast concrete brick and terracotta panels. This has been skilfully handled externally where joint lines are merged with recesses and patterned junctions between the brickwork and curved terracotta lintels. Internally the use of off-site construction continues, with internal columns clad in precast concrete brick piers to match the brick flooring. The main lift and stair core is constructed in board marked in-situ concrete with significant attention to detail and co-ordination of joint lines and integration of services. The concrete has an unusual pink hue, matching the rigorous use of red brick to flooring and walls. The judges were impressed with the restrained palette of materials and the quality of finish and execution, both internally and externally, of the brick pre-cast concrete panels and pink in-situ concrete core.’

Project Client: International Rugby Experience

Major Suppliers: O’Connell Quarries / Techrete

Project Architect: Niall McLaughlin Architects

Project Engineers: Punch Consulting Engineers

Project Contractor: Flynn

Building Category Highly Commended: Donore Road 3DCP Demonstration Building

 Jury Quote:

‘The Donore Road project was the first 3D construction printed building in Ireland and it was also the first commercial demonstration using compliant ready-mixed printable concrete. The adoption of 3D Construction Printing marks a departure from traditional construction methods, offering unprecedented speed through continuous and automated printing. The accelerated construction pace helps to enhance resource efficiency while minimising waste and energy consumption. Given that such a structure has never been previously constructed in Ireland and considering that it marks ‘the worlds inaugural utilisation of ready mixed printable concrete in building construction’, extensive research and testing were essential to the successful completion of the project. The judges are unanimous in recommending this innovative approach for special commendation.’

Project Client: Harcourt Technologies

Major Suppliers: Mattest / Roadstone

Project Architect: Harcourt Architects

Project Engineer: Cundall 3

Element Category Winner: OPW Sand Martins Wall

Jury Quote:

‘The OPW sought to find an ecological precast solution for a unique structure – a Sand Martin nesting wall. In the past these nesting homes were constructed of timber and plastic pipes. A more sustainable and robust offsite concrete solution was required. The OPW and Banagher Precast Concrete designed a carbon conscious durable solution after a lengthy design process.

Sustainability was at the core of this project, not just for the nesting of the birds but also in designing the wall to be carbon conscious. The reinforcement design was efficiently used to both reduce steel use and incorporate recycled steel. The concrete mix included the use of GGBS to reduce the carbon footprint of the wall. The judges agreed that this project demonstrates now the Precast Sector can adapt to provide sustainable, repeatable, and economical solutions to the industry.’

Project Client / Designer: Office of Public Works

Project Engineer / Major Supplier: Banagher Precast Concrete:

Winner of the 11th International Award: Banagher Precast Concrete for Silvertown Tunnel

Sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, this award recognises Irish companies who export product or services off the island of Ireland. The Award reflects the continued emphasis on export for Irish construction.

Jury Quote:

‘Banagher Precast Concrete delivered at exceptional levels on the client specification for Silvertown Tunnel. With sustainability at the forefront of their design, they cleverly engineered delivery of the project to overcome inhouse production and logistical issues, to produce a world-class result.’

Project Client: Silvertown Tunnel, London, UK

Irish Export Company: Banagher Precast Concrete

 International Award Highly Commended: Techrete for UCL East, One Pool Street

Jury Quote:

‘Techrete’s unique combination of exquisite design, sustainable manufacture and precision delivery is very apparent in the UCL East, One Pool Street project. The company produced an impeccable, highly authentic, and functional building for their client.’

Project Client: UCL East, One Pool Street, Manchester, UK

Irish Export Company: Techrete

Sean de Courcy Student Award

This is an annual award given to the best project on a concrete related topic from accredited masters and degree programmes in Civil and Structural engineering faculties of Higher Education Institutes on the island of Ireland. The award is named after the late Professor Sean de Courcy, an inspirational professor for many years at UCD, a former chairperson of the Irish Concrete Society, an author and historian of note.

Winner: Seán Heffernan (Technological University Dublin)

Project Title: The Strength Properties and Embodied Carbon of Alternative Concrete Mixes.

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